* Chris played drums for us from Summer '04 (recording the first album) until Winter '06. He will always be a big part of this band, this is his page as he left it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Just Chris.
     Well Hello There! Thanks for taking a peek at what I'm doing over here in my corner. I can truly say that I was in such eager anticipation  to see what happened once we released the cd, that I forgot to update my page.
      So far the cd sales have been going great and I appreciate that immensely. Now we need to start getting everyone to get out to the shows consistently. I love all of the folks that do show up, now I have to figure out a way to spread the word. If you or anyone you know wants WS&TP to play your next small party or turn out your big event...let us know. We want to turn on the masses with sweet release via your ears. Not to mention we just love to have a really good time, so you never what might happen at a show!
     This past year with Willie and Doc has been educational, now I can only imagine what may happen in the next year of our journey. Times and people change and if those things change then the writing is bound to take leaps and bounds. Now where those leaps and bounds take us is completely unknown. But I'm sure no matter what it will be quite the experience!
     I've got so much music inside of me and I can't hold still long enough to get it all out. As is with most drummers I'm sure  I have ADHD (If I get hyper I can't concentrate.) That's why most of us play drums......cause we can't sit still. It's o.k. though. I calm down when I need to. I just want to play music for everyone and anyone , anytime,  anywhere. The hard part is making it work like a job so you can concentrate on just that.  It'll come though. I'm sure of it. We've been working really hard at this collectively and we've all paid our dues. It's just a matter of time. I started playing out almost 13 years ago. Doc and Willie were working hard at this when I came into the equation, so I thik it'll come together. You can't look for "it" but you do have to work for" it".  By that I mean, don't sell your soul to get what you want. But don't sit around and wait for it fall in your lap either. That's why I say I'll do it anywhere anytime...because you never know who might see you. It could be that one soul in the back of the room that you inspire, and they happen to be your ticket.
" Why are you pointing and laughing at me?!!!"
Doc, you're my boy. Just quit laughing at me!
Look at the people. You think    someone would notice a 20 foot Me? This is one of my favorite pics.
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