Josh "Doc Love" Insel
The Bass Player for...
Willie Strings and the Players
Thanks for checking out the site!! 
Check back frequently for updates. Also be sure to check out the dates of our upcoming shows and write them on your calendar, lock them into your PDA or write it on your hand!!
Just remember to be there.

The band is very excited, over the past couple months things have really been taking off for us.  You see we have completed our first full lenght studio album recorded entirely at Omega studios (
see pics here).

Also we have already begun work on the second album at 'Right on Recordings' on Baltimore with friend and legend Jerome Maffeo (
see pics here).

Other big things on the burner include a year long documentary of Willie and the boys at gigs and beyond.  The director and mastermind behind this venture is
Tony 'the trust' Bari.

We have had many gigs this year and if you were at the shows then you know how much fun they are. We record many of our shows and if you would like a copy contact us and we'll get right on it.

We're just doing what we can to spread the love of good music around.

Last updated: 4-20-05
Ragtime: Arlington, VA
The Last Mango: Gaithersburg, MD
Nation Nightclub:  Washington, DC
The Royal:  Baltimore, MD
Staccato's: Adams Morgan, DC
The Firehouse Cue:  Gaithersburg, MD
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