...Jon Blank...
RIP 1974-2009
  Jon is a very talented musician, primarily a bassist, also a guitarist and singer. He lends a very technical method to his transitions and the outcome is a very smooth, very strong bassline.

   Jon currently plays in more then one band. His endeavors (some past, some present) include:

Fragment 37
Uncle Melvin's Downtown Scratcher's
(to name a few)
~ March '06 - WS&tP is set to win the New Music Showcase. With 3 days notice Jon agreed to play the final with us on his night off. We won. That.. is a good man. His name is Jon Blank.
~ late June '07 - Jon Blank forms
Horsehead, a Black Crowes tribute band. This is an all-star band. If you dig the Crowes, you should check us out.
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