Straight from the Asshole's mouth
ere's a little nugget to chew on... the 1st place I played was Fatties in Rockville, MD. This would be like ' 92-93... Fattie's stopped doing the open mics, then they got shut down...(couple years pass) I find Paddie Macs', an irish pub in downtown silver spring... this was around '99-00 and they stopped doing open mics and were shut down as well. Great luck I'd had with the available venues, glad I didn't let it stop me.
Bored and frustrated with no place to play... I decided to go to the Grog & Tankard... and check out their open mic. the rest is history... I missed three mondays in the first year... (Started April '02) Since then I've done more for my music "career" than I've done in my whole life. All the people I've met, friends I've made, things I've accomplished (with everyone's help)... I am truly blessed. Now I play the music I love..I love good shit... When you hear "Whats goin on" from Marvin Gaye, you think... "Damn, that's good shit" (feel me?) Wait until you've heard some of our newer material.  If you'd like to hear some of our original music follow the "audio" link off the main page or come out to one of our shows and catch us live and direct...I guaran-damn-tee you'll have a good time..

* I also perform in a Black Crowes Tribute band, "
Amorica". If you dig the Crowes, you need to check us out..

                                                              Peace, Love, and Memphis, William James Strings
             ~ In this game you have to be two things: Relentless & absolutely Shameless ~
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